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Business Basics

Attitude and Belief

Taking Action and
Getting Things Done

Inspiration and Vision

Courage, Fear, and Confidence

The Art of Thinking and
The Power of Thoughts

Conformity, Originality,
and Going Against the Crowd

Innovation, Creativity,
and Imagination


Planning, Setting Goals,
and Making Decisions

The Value of Hard Work


Talent, Skills, and Character

Knowledge and Experience


Marketing, Advertising,
and Making Sales

Solving Problems and
Overcoming Obstacles


Handling Criticism

Risks and Rewards

Success and Failure

Happiness, Satisfaction,
and Enjoying Your Work

Money and Wealth

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Brad Mager has worked in graphic design and advertising, owned a marketing business for 15 years, and is currently an independent artist and writer.

During his marketing career, Brad worked with several businesses and became familiar with the challenges they face. His daily contact with a variety of entrepreneurs -- along with his own experiences -- led him to collect quotes about business, which he put together in a book called “Never Follow the Crowd” (a quote by financier and statesman Bernard Baruch).That collection is now on its own website,

Brad is the author of Ramble Leaves, a collection of short fiction about two adventurers. His artwork -- mostly impressionistic acrylic paintings and prints -- can be found on his Etsy site.


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